Your home solar panel installation will produce energy for your home and may even sell energy back to the municipal power grid.

The solar system will be made up of modular components that are connected together to produce power for your home. This modularity is a critical part of building your system… it allows us to use the same parts to develop a system that is custom to you.

Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation


Solar Array

The solar array is made up of several solar modules. It converts sunlight into safe, clean, cheap electricity for your home. It is made up of photovoltaic cells and must be mounted facing the sun (and avoiding shade) in order to get optimum results. Your solar array will generate DC power for your home.

Solar Cells

The individual solar cells are what converts the sun’s light to electricity. Cells are made up of silicon, which absorbs the sunlight. The construction of the cell is such that the absorbed sunlight produces electrical current. Each solar cell is wired to direct that electrical current into batteries and power controls.

Charge Controller

A charge controller keeps you from overcharging your batteries. Overcharging will wear out your batteries sooner, which will shorten their life. The controller also controls the flow of electricity from the batteries and helps the solar array deliver current to your batteries properly.


The inverter’s job is critical, it converts your DC power from your batteries into 110V electrical current that you can use in your home. This makes the power usable by your home appliances and electrical devices.


Batteries are used to store the electricity generated by your solar array. This stored solar power can then discharge slowly into your household as needed. Your battery array size will vary based on the amount of current that your solar array generates, and that your household needs to store.


Are you ready for your Solar Panel Installation?

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