We make getting solar panels easy for your Bay Area home

We will help you never pay an electricity bill again. You’ll dramatically reduce (or even eliminate altogether) your electric bill with solar panels on top of your home.  Thousands of homeowners just like you have already chosen us, and we’re eager to help you get cleaner, greener home electrical power.

Bay area homeowners like you choose Sierra Nevada Solar because:

We deliver quality – Our installers have the best training and years of construction experience, and we have rigorous quality control.

You’ll have quick results – Your home solar power installation will begin paying off immediately.  

The time is now – Our team is ready to begin installation now so you can begin saving. Our salespeople may have a quote for you as soon as within the hour.

We love what we do – From the green energy consultants to the salespeople, our entire team is is happy and enthusiastic about helping you save with solar power.

Our team sincerely wants to help – When you talk to our green energy consultants, they will help you pick the best solution for your home and your family.

You can rely on us – We are dedicated to giving you an easy, fast solar installation. You can depend on us to do so.

The Bay Area is a technology and green energy leader in the world, and Sierra Nevada Solar is right at the forefront with fast, easy, effective solar panel installation.  We’re here to help your family save thousands this year on solar power.  We can help you today with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Guaranteed Results 

Our team is so confident that our custom solar power design will save your utility bill that we guarantee our results.  Your Sierra Nevada Solar solar power system will perform as promised or Sierra Nevada Solar will pay you back the performance difference! Our solar power system designers are amazing; they will take into account your local weather, sun access, and more to ensure that we’re designing a solar panel system that will give you the best energy efficiency available on the market today.


Our clients love us across California

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners just like you get started with solar power. Every person is different, and we take pride in delivering personal care for each one. Our focus on your satisfaction shows, and we have an amazing Yelp reputation to show for it. We’re proud to have amassed such great testimonials, and we look forward to adding yours in the future.

Exceptional in that they gave me MANY options for my home solar power. The salespeople I spoke with were polite, knowledgeable, and got my options to me quickly and easily.

Chris H, Yelp
Our rebate came from the power company as expected and all inspections were passed the first time. The experience was a pleasure and I've referred several friends because I trust them completely.

Amanda D, Yelp
The team helped me understand how the installation would go, and how it would fit into my existing roof structure. The Sierra Nevada team had several options for me and they did a price comparison for me with all of the features of each one. They definitely didn't pressure me into a high-price choice... they let me make my own decision.

Elise V, Yelp
My system is now 1 year and 3 months old and it is amazing. My electric bill for last year was $150! 

Marissa A, Yelp

Frequently Asked Questions

We get great questions every month about solar power costs, installation, and more. Here are some recent great ones (and the answers):

Are solar panels right for my home?

Many things affect whether solar power is right for your home. We’ll have to take into account your sun exposure, the condition and makeup of your home’s roof, and your budget. Contact our team now so we can provide you with a detailed recommendation (often over just a single phone call).

How much sun do I need for my solar panels?

Sunlight is important for your solar panel installation, but even cloudy or shaded areas may be great for solar energy. As long as your roof is not shaded, and has good exposure to the sun on sunny days, you’ll get enough sunshine for solar panels. If you think you may get good enough sun exposure, contact us for a free quote.

Do I need a huge roof for solar panels?

You’ll need about 100 square feet of roof space for every kilowatt you need to generate. The average California home will need just 300-600 square feet of roof. 98% of California homes have this much roof exposure, but if you’re not sure, then contact one of our experts for a free quote.

Is my roof the right type for solar panels?

There are solar panel solutions for pretty much any type of roof. We’ll have to talk to you about your power needs and your budget before we can say for certain that your roof is appropriate. Contact one of our green energy consultants for a quick discussion about whether you have the proper roof type.

Those are just a few of our frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, then please feel free to ask one of our green energy consultants to see if he or she can help answer them. If you’re ready for a free, no-obligation consultation, then we can help you.
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