Our goal is to help you use solar panels to save your power bills

We were founded in 2011 with the mission of bringing you a safe, clean alternative to the coal-fired municipal electricity that you’re using today.

There were a few problems though:

  • I’m lousy at sales.
  • I’m afraid of heights
  • Since I didn’t sell very much solar, the bigger companies beat the pants off of me and I couldn’t compete.
Picture of founder David Jeffries

Founder David Jeffries, his wife Linda, and their daughter Anne

After a few years, it was time to throw in the towel.

The only problem? I live in California. Food stamps don’t go very far in Santa Monica. 

I should really get a job, but amazingly, after I tell a hiring manager that I started a solar company because I can’t play well with others in the workplace, but I suck at running a company too, the offers don’t exactly roll in.

So, since I can’t get a job, I decided to turn my website into a referral source and introduce you to the companies that had better pricing and service than I could offer, since I know the companies that beat me out every time I bid on a job.


Here’s the deal. Solar websites are sooooooo boring. Everyone says the same thing.

How many times are you going to see the same dumb stock photo with a dude on the roof and a comparison of how much you could save?

If you’re shopping for solar, just fill out the form on my website here, and I’ll introduce you to the very best solar installers. I know who they are, because I got my ass kicked by them.

In the process, I’ll both educate and entertain you, and help you make the best decisions about solar.

Lastly, I like my women dirty, but not my air. Staying with your current electric provider not only costs you more, but you might as well just go pour oil on a seal.

So, click below, save some of your cash, and pat yourself on the back for doing right by the world.

Party on.

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